Our Mission Statement

The Republican Standard (TRS or The Standard) is a new media journal delivering clear, factual and smartly-balanced information to Virginia’s public square.

The Republican Standard Manifesto

When William F. Buckley Jr. wrote his 1955 Mission Statement for National Review, he did so at a time where the conservative movement was at a crossroads, one where “literate America rejected conservatism in favor of radical social experimentation.”

In Virginia, the birthplace of the American experiment and the cornerstone of freedom’s long experiment on this continent, we echo some of the very same sentiments shared by AxiosMedia is broken — and too often a scam.

Like our competitors such as Slateor Vox, this publication intends to straddle the respectable line between traditional and digital media.

Our guiding principles include:

  • Putting the reader first

  • Offering valued insight and analysis

  • Remaining consistent and ethical

  • Maintaining a focus on integrity and principle

  • Strong, honest, and candid perspectives

We intend to write honestly and with perspective.  Just as there is a distinction between the profession of journalism and the rank amateurism of a mere reporter, so too will there be a distinction between columnists in a digital age and mere bloggers.

We should not be afraid of stating the obvious.  Our public square has a number of publications committed to attacking conservatives, both outside and within.

This publication will refrain entirely from such intramural contests.

Our goal is simple: To cut through the fog of the information warfare that passes for news in today’s media and offer a clear, sharp, and trustworthy voice for the center-right in Virginia at every level of government.

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